Reasons to Choose a Private Jet Over Commercial Airlines

Reasons-to-Choose-Private Jet-Over-Commercial-Airlines

Choosing a private jet charter over commercial airlines is more than just about comfort during the travel. Private jet charter offer plethora of benefits such as flexibility, productivity, privacy and more. Although it is a common notion that private jets are just for luxury, they have evolved as convenient choices in modern times when one must keep up with pace.

Here are some reasons why you need to book a private jet rather than commercial airlines:


In the modern world, schedules have become more hectic and dynamic. Opportunities can come knocking without any notice. To keep up with sudden meeting or urgent travel, you need to step up the way you travel. And when it comes to meeting the dynamic pace at which one travels today, commercial airlines are simply not an option, especially for the business world. Commercial airlines are consumer driven and thus is booked for days, weeks or even months in advance. The route of commercial flights are also fixed and might not be close to where you want to visit.

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Private jet charters, on the other hand, offer flexibility to decide when want to fly and where you want to fly. You have full control over your plans. From last-minute flights to earliest flight back, you get flexibility in the way you travel.

Comfort, Convenience, and Efficiency

While commercial airlines might require you to stand in queues and wait for long hours, the private jet charter is more comfortable, efficient and convenient in comparison. Private jets cut down the need to reach the busy and far off airports. You can choose the airport near your place rather than tire yourself while trying to reach the larger and busier commercial airport.

Access to Remote Areas

As mentioned in the point no.1, commercial airlines have airports. Thus, there are a lot of restrictions when it comes to where you land. Unlike commercial airplanes, the private jet charter can work around various landing aspects like the size of the aircraft, length of the runway, etc. which allows you to reach various remote areas. Helicopters and Turbo Props land conveniently in places with smaller runways.

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If you are flying with commercial airlines, most of your time will be consumed in reaching the airport, waiting for flight and standing in queues. And it goes without saying that commercial flight bookings are times consuming and might require serious calculations on your part (as they are mostly booked and you adjust your day of travel). This whole process is overwhelming for anyone anticipating an urgent flight.

Private flights are preferred by travellers who are travelling for business or for any other urgent reason. They offer easy booking and also cut down the waiting and travelling time. Many types of private jet ensure high-speed flight allowing to reach your destination faster in comparison to commercial airplanes.

Privacy and Confidentiality

A lead passenger of the private jet charter can decide who will be on board. If you want to have a business meeting during your flight or spend some quality time with your loved ones, you can always have a closed session or private time. You can use your electronics to watch a movie or listen to music. If you travel in a commercial airline, you cannot have a private discussion or meeting – even in business or first class.

You can fly comfortably with your family, friends, and pets on a private flight. Without having to waste any time, you can reach the destination you want to reach at right time. Foresee Aviation makes booking a private jet charter and your flight an easy, comfortable and luxurious experience.

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