Why Char Dham Yatra By Helicopter Is An Easy & Fastest Option?


One of the most enticing and soul enriching pilgrim journey is Char Dham Yatra for Hindus. It is the most widely acclaimed pilgrimages in India, set among the mountainous terrain of India. The four dhams have a majestic backdrop of the mighty snow-capped mountains and extremely narrow trails. Thought to be as one of the challenging journey of the pilgrims as it requires a lot of physical and mental strength.

The visits are seen to be thronging with pilgrims during open seasons. Due to the availability of various types of conveyance and transport facilities, pilgrims of various age limits can now visit the place without any hassle. One of the most striking and convenient factors that have been introduced is char dham yatra by helicopter. Now people can enjoy the entire journey without any physical hassle. Foresee Aviation provides helicopters for the pilgrim who wishes to save time, energy and the physical capability by opting other modes to complete the journey. Foresee Aviation minimizes the hassle for the devotees by catering suite class range of choppers in all the Dhams – Badrinath Dham, Kedarnath Dham, Gangotri Dham and Yamunotri Dham. With an aim to offer best Helicopter Charter Services, Foresee Aviation brings the best service at an affordable range.

Best Time To Visit Char Dham

The best time to visit char dham is in summers, from May to June and then September and October. With a pleasant temperature (average 18˚C), summer is the best season to explore the beautiful pilgrimage places or char dhams by helicopter.

Why You Should Opt For Helicopters For Char Dham Yatra?

Char Dham yatra by Helicopter has become a boon for the people who have a dream to travel four main pilgrimages in India, but unable to do so due to their physical inabilities. There can be several factors behind the inability to travel:

  • Specific medical condition that makes them unable to travel
  • Being a senior citizen or age
  • Physically challenged individuals

Due to major illness as well, people are advised to opt for reliable helicopter services to travel. Helicopter or choppers that are provided cut off any kind of tension or hassle regarding the travel and also maximise the physical capability of the person as they don’t have to trek by walking challenging hilly landscapes on foot. They can save their energy to enjoy the majestic environment which would be the non-repetitive experience. The helicopter travel ensures that you have a religious yet never fading experience.

Foresee Aviation offers helicopter to cover all the char dham sites in whichever way it becomes convenient for the yatris or travellers. Many people also chose ‘by road’ option which takes a lot of time and require tremendous strength and will power. On the other hand, helicopter service is the state of the art facility that offers you to visit all the famous char dhams with great convenience and in luxury. Helicopter or chopper services has vanquished the difficulties of road and rigorous trek such as the possibility of land sliding, road blockage, and whopping time requirement of 10 to 12 days for the yatra.

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