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Aircraft Sale and Purchase


Aircraft Sale and Purchase

Foresee Aviation offers rich experience and meticulous attention to detail in the field of Aircraft Sales and Purchase. Whether you want to buy a new or a pre-owned aircraft or are entering the market to buy or sell , Foresee Aviation has a trusted team of industry experts to help you maximize the return on your investment.

Today, the opportunities to buy or sell your next aircraft are not limited by borders or time zones. Within this ever-expanding global business-aircraft marketplace, the value and availability of aircraft changes seemingly by the hour. We at Foresee Aviation know the internal workings of this specialized market and use this insight to make your aircraft transaction more efficient and cost-effective.

Our Aircraft Sales Staff is experienced and qualified to assist you with all aircraft type, from piston-engine Pilatus aircraft to ultra-long range jets such as the Bombardier Global Express. Our specialists maintain constant access to all the information that is shaping today's global aircraft market.

Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and comprehensive information databases, Foresee Aviation has access to information on all the available aircraft - an extremely important tool when your aircraft search extends to the four corners of the world.

We at Foresee Aviation endeavor our best to deliver an exceptional experience throughout your sales and acquisition process. From initial contact to final delivery, we are available 24x7x365 to attend to all your queries and requirements. As a comprehensive aviation services provider, we help you save time and resources effectively.

Once you become our client, you will avail the benefits of our globally recognized Aviation Service Network that can help you arrange additional services desired, following the purchase or sale of your aircraft, including:

  1. Financial and Acquisition Consultation
  2. Leasing Options to Help Offset Your Costs
  3. Aircraft Maintenance & Management
  4. Flight Crew Staffing

Our goal is to connect the customer to the best aircraft at the best price.

Contact Foresee Aviation today for all your aircraft sales and Purchase requirements.

Aircraft Sale and Purchase

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