Presenting the new bird in our fleet – Piaggio Avanti

piaggio Avanti p180

Piaggio Avanti is a 2 crew + 7 seater twin-engine turboprop. The aircraft are constructed at Piaggio Aero’s manufacturing facilities in Genoa, Italy. The spacious cabin is 1.75m high and 1.85m wide and is fitted with five fully-adjustable cabin leather chairs and a divan.

The uninterrupted aerodynamic curve shape from nose to tail gives decreased drag and improved laminar flow for efficient and high-performance flight characteristics. The aircraft has three separated lifting surfaces which support stability. It also has two-thirds of the conventional surface area, which also makes a major contribution to reduced drag and increased fuel efficiency.

Piaggio avantip180 int

The forward wing provides additional lift to push the nose of the fuselage upwards rather than using a conventional aerodynamic configuration which forces the tail down. The T-tail provides stability.

About 90% (by weight) of the aircraft is aluminium alloy and about ten percent are composites, including carbon fibre-reinforced plastic for high-stress areas.

The construction method starts with shaping the aluminium skin in a vacuum mould and then sequentially fabricating the aircraft in layers. The pilot and co-pilot have adjustable and reclining seats.

The Avanti II avionics are based on the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21 avionics suite and includes three 10in by 8in liquid crystal displays, an FMS 3000 flight management system and AHS 3000 attitude heading reference system. The radar and navigation systems include the Collins WXR-840 colour radar and a dual Collins VIR-32 VOR, a Collins ADF-462 automatic direction finder, DME-42 distance measuring equipment and ALT-55B radar altimeter.

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