A castle in the sky-Global 7000

A castle in the sky-Bombardier-Global 7000

The large and ultra-long-range jets are the most luxurious and capable of business aircraft. These aircraft provide unparalleled comfort and luxury, travelling at the highest of speeds. Global 7000 is one of the best aircraft which is used for business purposes. With the help of this private jet, it is easy to enjoy the kind of satisfying flying experience onboard the longest-range business jet. Global 7000 has a luxurious interior with 4 living spaces, separate crew rest area, makes it very easy for you to have a tremendous time and take things to the next level. The Global 7000 would make it easy for you to experience a satisfying experience.

Here are some of the characteristics of Global 7000

  • Passenger Capacity: 10-15
  • Intercontinental – Global Range (4000-7500 Miles)
  • Baggage allowed: 30 standard-sized bags
  • Sleeping & Berthing Capabilities
  • Full-size spacious lavatories
  • Cabin attendants: Standard
  • Spacious and luxurious cabins

This aircraft has a larger cabin with 4 full cabin sections that are 9 feet long. It is the largest and longest jet available and is fully transpacific capable. Also, it has opted to keep pricing the same and pass via the advantages of extra range to its existing clients. This flight test vehicles have completed various long-haul flights to different destinations. With a maximum operating range of 7,700 nautical miles, this aircraft can fly farther than any other business jet. Also, it is widely publicized as being able to communicate some of the world’s most expansive city pairings. The Global 7000 jets have multi-functional and modern kitchen features unique storage space for an exceptional dining experience.

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