Bigger, Better and Badder than ever New Jets


There are lots of private business jet models available today. Narrowing down an option can be daunting. The only  way is to know the basic industry categories of business jets; these categories take into account range, cabin space, and weight. They are light, midsize, and large in size.

Approaching these grouping with the following questions will simplify the procedure even more by helping you relate the categories to your business requirements.

  1. Who will be travelling on most flights? A small group of customers, a few members of your executive team, or large groups of individuals from across your client or enterprise base?
  2. Where are you going? Short hops to key customers throughout the year? Intercontinental trips? Or transatlantic flights to conduct business globally?
  3. What will you be doing on the flight? Working on your smart tablet or laptop? Carrying tools or materials? Conducting in-flight meetings and continuing business as usual? Or just flying to get to destinations more quickly.
  4. Why do you need a jet service? To save time by passing fuel stops? To access small airports throughout the country easily? To get to destinations as flexible as possible?
  5. How quickly do you require to access destinations? As quickly as possible through the use of small airports? As quickly as possible throughout all weather conditions?

Below, consider the typical capabilities of each category as you match the category to your needs:

Light Jets

This category advantages from being able to land at smaller airports and offering intra-continental capabilities. These jets have been a famous alternative since the introduction of business jets. Some of the examples are Hawker Beechcraft 400, Embraer Phenom 300, Cessna Citation CJ1-CJ4, and Bravo, etc.

Mid-size business jets

The midsize category with a wide boy combines productivity, speed, ultra-range capabilities, and luxury. They can fly high quickly yet comfortable. Examples include Embraer Legacy 600, Bombardier Challenger 300, Hawker Beechcraft 4000, Cessna Citation, etc.

Large business jets

Large business jets are designed for travel, while heavy jets are converted into commercial aircraft. The cabins of such jets can be used for conference rooms, workspaces. Intercontinental travel is objective. Examples of such jets are Airbus models and Boeing Business Jets.

So, these are some kinds of jets which are available in the market today. If you are looking for private jet service, you can connect with and get the best private jet without paying the high cost and commitment of direct ownership, jet cards, or fractional programs.

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