Busting the Most Common Myths about Private Jet Charter

Busting the Most Common Myths about Private Jet Charter

Private charter has been available for decades, air travel has been much more sophisticated in recent years with the maturity level of the private jet companies and the industry overall. On one hand, a private jet has given the advantage of avoiding the long queues and aggravating commercial airline terminal security procedures thus, making your flight as simple as possible. But for some people, the private charter is still tormenting who associate private flying with increased costs and limited options.

To make private aviation more accessible and better understood here we are throwing some light on the myths associated with the private charter.

Only Available for Rich and Famous

Reality television and music videos have created a perception in our mind that only celebrities and millionaires can fly private aircraft. Millionaires and pop stars can afford to own a private aircraft. But the truth is you don’t have to own a private charter to fly in one. In reality, companies provide private jet services for business. It means that you only buy the flight needed and use the aircraft for your travel.

You don’t have to worry about the operating and maintenance cost. If you think flying private is costly, then it isn’t as you think. The cost comparison between private charter and the commercial flight isn’t always as simple as the ticket price.

Flying commercially for business purpose includes the expenses of a full day like airline travel, car, rental, hotel and a full day travel on either side of the meeting date. It means for one meeting you need to be out for three days. Hiring a private aircraft gives your employees the advantage of planning and working when they board an aircraft, they can be productive while traveling to the place of meeting.

A Limited Number of Destination

Commercial airlines follow a predetermined route with a limited list of fixed destinations, and your choice of destination might not be available. Flying private means more flexibility and arriving closer to your final destination if there is one small airport nearby.

Private Charter aircraft have access to a wide number of airports. When you travel privately, you can choose the nearest airports which are both convenient and time-saving. Private jet routes are more flexible and accessible as they have access to a large number of airport, unlike commercial planes.

Private Charter is Not Safe

If you are the one who is not used to fly privately, you might worry about the safety and run through all the possible scenarios that could go wrong. But many of them believe commercial planes to be much safer. The statistics, however, show that both private and commercial air travel are equally safe. Both public and private airlines follow same regulations for crew duty and rest, runaway conditions, fuel and a long list of other safety conditions.

Private aviation can help you to maintain the balance between your personal and professional life. You can attend the meetings on time and can be home for dinner with your family that same evening while flying in a private plane. You can surprise your loved ones with a getaway on the private flight. Private jet charter offers a million options to travel in style and comfort.

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