Education on Empty legs

Education on Empty legs

Many charter flyers are looking for a discounted way to fly privately, and Empty leg flights are the best options among different options. These flights are planned to fly without passengers back to their home base or to connect with a scheduled charter flight. To attract clients to jump on board of these flights, the trade price on that particular aircraft is normally discounted anywhere 20 to 35%, and a maximum of 60%, if the situation presents itself to the work point to point to the schedule of the customer and operator.

Many of us think why aircraft companies don’t charge a thousand dollars if the flight is traveling back empty? Although, aircraft owners can consider these flights as a loss on their taxes, in turn not taking the financial hit to their bank account.

Most empty legs are geared to flyers who are flexible in with their travel dates and destinations. For example, if you don’t care if you left on a Sunday or a Monday and can travel from one corner to another, you might be able to save money on your next charter. Each scenario is different and is dependent on the aircraft travel schedule and how badly the flight needs to move from one airport to the next to fit the schedules of future trips.

You can request empty legs on several private jets that need to get into position for other charter flights. The pricing of empty leg depends on when and where the aircraft is headed and how bad it requires to get there.

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