Experience Seven Star Service in The Sky With Private Charters

Experience Seven Star Service In The Sky With Private Charters

Since its inception to fulfill various requirements, hiring a private aircraft has been the most luxurious way to fly due to its offering of unparalleled ease and exclusivity. Being able to provide seven star service in the sky, Foresee Aviation is raising the bar a little a high with extra special treatments that clients deserve.

Specifically designed to satisfy the elite class who choose to travel in a superior way, luxury charters are the best way to proceed with. People choose Foresee Aviation to grab affordable options and budget friendly deals to fly in luxurious and comfortable private jets. With a wide range of aircraft to choose from, ranging from comfortable to compact, the private jet charters are an emblem of seven star service. To redefine luxury travel, these types of aircraft are redefined with new terms of luxury. From master suites to the boardroom for quick meeting minutes, a private jet charter is a perfect option when flying for business purpose or family holiday.

Let’s discuss what you can expect while travelling in a luxurious private charter.

Boardroom For Meetings

If you’re travelling purpose is business, opt for a private charter which is equipped with a dedicated boardroom and necessary equipment. Get fully-equipped conference room with high speed Wi-Fi facility, large screens, satellite phones and all the latest technology.

Entertainment Suite

If the purpose of travelling is fun filled family holiday or couple bonding, charter a private jet with an exclusive entertainment suite. They come with a widescreen television, gaming system, sound systems and many more other things to heighten the fantasy of luxury journey.

In-Flight Spas

Flights are taken by elite groups including celebrities and artists. And workout centres and spas are the parts of their tight daily regimen. In private flights, they can easily pamper themselves with the professional crew of spa centres. The flight can have in-flight spa feature or an in-flight massage therapist or manicure can be affected for a more delightful journey

Master Suites

Luxurious private jets do have a master bedroom(s) with a queen-sized bed. The room comes with other features such as an ensuite bathroom, walk-in shower, large windows and a full-sized sink. There are hundreds of little configurations which make them deluxe and luxurious.

Private Staff

The flyers can request for extra flight attendants for the ease of travelling. You may need them to quickly fill your glass of wine or any kind of emergencies. Get dedicated attendants which you do not need to share with the entire cabin.

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