Must Know Etiquette while Flying in a Private Aircraft


Yes, there are some etiquette while travelling in private jets. This helps in enhancing your flying experience.

Let’s catch with some of the important etiquette while flying in an aircraft or helicopter.

1. When you book a private jet for any occasion or situation or purpose, you must have selected the service for hassle-free and on-time features. To take full advantage of it without disturbing the symphony of the staff, you can always contact the crew members when on the way and update them on your arrival timing to ensure an on-time departure. This will also give Captain enough time to think and liaise with Air Traffic Control for a swift take off. The crew can also make preliminary arrangements.

2. The timely request can make your crew member think on prior to making your trip more enjoyable for you. Your private aviation service is just like a concierge service. Ask why!

You have paid them a lump sum to avoid commercial aviation’s hassles. So, don’t be afraid of demanding something because you have already paid for it. To have a good experience in the aircraft, ask for something which you think is your requirement of the moment.

3. Choose a right hand seat or starboard because the captain always chooses to sit on the left port in the flight deck. Sitting on the suggested side will help to enjoy and see the beautiful view facing forward and can make your trip extra memorable.

4. Things that are put on the board are there for you to help yourself and enhance your aircraft experience. Help yourself to get anything on-board and feel like home when on board.

5. Before taking off the flight, have patience and wait if you are going to ask for something. The crew members and pilots are there to host you and make your flight safe and enjoyable. If the pilots are having any discussion before the taking off, wait till the aircraft come on the level on the sky. They will also announce this and then you are free to roam around and can have a chat with them as well.

6. If you are also booking a return flight on the same aircraft, ask them or the aircraft members to keep the aircraft on the ground between your flights. This will maximise the probability of your leaving early without any hassle.

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