Private Jet Travel Is Becoming More Accessible


Nowadays, private jet travel is becoming more popular and it’s not only for those who own a private jet. Now, anyone can travel in a private jet. Even if you don’t own a private jet still, there are a numerous number of ride-sharing private jet start-ups that will help you fly in style. Travelling by private jet is convenient and time-saving.

Though first class airline tickets may offer you a luxury cabin experience and some additional space they just can’t compete with the flexibility and adaptability of private jet travel. The modern technology has taken private jet travel to a whole new next level.

When it comes to choosing the right private jet aircraft, medium size and small-sized aircraft are the most used. The most popular and known for short flights within India are Citation CJ2+ & Super King air B200, both are 7 seater aircraft. Also popular is the Citation XLS, which is an 8-seater medium jet that can fly for up to 4 hours.

For larger aircraft, Bombardier’s Global range, and Gulfstream’s long-range jets are the most popular. The fastest long-range aircraft in the world is The Gulfstream G650ER that can fly for up to 7,500 nautical miles at a maximum speed of 0.925 – just under the speed of sound.

A private jet without any doubt uses ten times more airport space than commercial airlines. You can design your own itinerary and even use small airports that are not in much use and can be near to your destination. The airport experience while travelling from the private jet is very different from the airport experience offered by airlines. One can arrive just 15 mins before takeoff. Isn’t that amazing? Also, there are some airstrips that even allow you to drive up to the aircraft’s steps.

Private Jets provides a VIP experience. Each and every need of yours will be catered. There are specific wines and fine dine menus. Children are thoroughly entertained in flight. You can even bring in your pets.

Though it might cost you a bit more it truly is a luxury and experience that you should experience once in a lifetime! With future advances, the private jet experience is just going to get better and better.

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