10 Awesome Facts About Private Jets

10 Awesome Facts About Private Jets

Traveling on a private jet is a dream of many; after all, private jets are a fast, efficient, and luxurious way to travel. There are an intact bunch of benefits with flying privately compared to commercial ones. The biggest one is the eternal Insta moments, and the ability to recreate all those cool celebrity pictures you see in your feed. Other than that, there are also fewer restrictions like,  less hassle, minimal time consumption, which sound great to a mere mortal.

Now, it may seem an extravagant and glamorous way to travel, but it doesn’t shave to be something unachievable. Here, are some facts mentioned that you need to know before traveling by private jet.

  1. Reasonable than business class

It is so natural that a private jet is flying empty on half of the route, yet staff, fuel, and other costs are already paid for. Therefore, an empty leg flight with a private jet could be reasonable rather than flying on a commercial flight. The cost of renting a private jet isn’t charged on per person basis, it is calculated per hour, and that means that a group of people, say five or more, renting could be more reasonable than purchasing the aircraft tickets.

  1. Pet-friendly

The most important thing about the private jet is you can take your pets with yourself. Most private jets allow your pet to roam across and snuggle up with you during your flight making the flight even more enjoyable.

  1. Unlimited baggage allowance

Whether it is family time or a business trip, baggage space and weight rarely becomes a problem for your travel. With a private jet, you have to make up your mind to just pack that has to suit and things you would be able to store on the flight. There is no such limitation as you experienced when traveling with domestic flights.

  1. More airports

A private jet might be smaller in size than the commercial flight, and the public often has a misunderstanding that there will be a restriction to airports they can travel to and from. When you fly with a private jet, you get access to multiple airports subject to some conditions.

  1. Packing restrictions and Security regulations

Traveling by private jet comes with some restrictions, and for enjoying great luxury, you are required to follow some rules. The rules will not apply if you are flying domestically. You can travel with anything that suits, and the comfort with all the liquids you’d like. Regulations change from nation to nation and when flying an international flight, you’d have to look into what your destination country allows.

  1. Crew setup

You will get a crew made out of a co-pilot and pilot when hiring a private jet. You will have a minimum of one flight attendant. You can ask the private jet company to hire a crew as per your requirement.

  1. Can’t take off within 10 minutes

Private jets are a great luxury and are limitless, but there are rules that we have to follow. There are still some issues of immigration/customs, and your destination might not be able to procedure and authorize landing permits in that little time.

  1. Fly at the same speed as commercial jets

The speed of an aircraft depends on its size; a small plane is a little slower, and a medium-sized is marginally faster than a commercial flight. The flight time can be shorter due to the direct route itself which saves a lot of time.

  1. Better VIP service than first class

When hiring a private jet, the companies offer the best quality service and satisfaction that is tailored after penning down the wishes and requirements to offer ultimate travel experience to the passengers. You are your own boss when you own a private jet. You have the right amount of flexibility and demands to make your traveling as fulfilling and comfortable as it possibly can.

  1. No Delays

The reason that private jets aren’t delayed is that there is a big choice over airports to fly. Commercial airlines have some airports to choose from, and since private airfields are available for private jets, there are fewer traffic delays that could cause any issues for your flight. However, the flight could delay if either you or any member of your team is running late, otherwise, there is no such problem yet recorded by private jet provider’s end.

The above-mentioned are some awesome facts about private jets that should be known by everyone. So, book a flight with Forseeaviation.in for incomparable and premium hospitality services.


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