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Bulk Hours


Bulk Hours

Foresee Aviation offers Bulk Hour to make jets more reasonable and accessible. Bulk Hourprogram allows you to pre-purchase a block of flying hours on our private aircraft at a reasonable cost.

Under this program you can avail the luxury and comfort of a private jet at your chosen schedule without actually bearing the cost of buying an aircraft and maintaining it alongwith the associated liabilities.

By purchasing Bulk Hour you buy access to a pool of aircraft that are chartered. You can buy prepaid blocks of hours and use those when desired. Foresee Aviation has a large fleet of aircraft and can offer you a suitable aircraft meeting your exact requirement.

Our Bulk Hour program gives you significant discounts off our
normal charter rates.

  • Bulk Hour is offered in 25, 50 and 100 hour blocks.
  • Discounts are based on number of hours purchased.

Why Buy Bulk Hour

  • No monthly management, acquisition or membership fee.
  • No long-term contractual commitments.
  • Personal travel consultant.
  • Free upgrades when available.
  • Access to multiple aircraft.

Bulk Trips

If you have an established route on which you travel on a regular basis, our Bulk Trip purchase may be the right option for you. With our Bulk Trip program, you pre-purchase a set number of trips along a specified route at a significant discount. You may use these as and when desired. This is a great option if you really need to stick to a set budget.

Contact our office for complete program details and benefits.

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