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Charter Price

Charter Price

Charter Price

In this fast-paced world where time is money and each one of us is working day and night to gain all the comforts and luxury in life, hiring an air charter, to make our special occasions even more special, is indeed very tempting; although most of us are deterred from doing so presuming that it would be beyond our reach.

However, actually what we do need to know is that the private charter flights are not always more expensive than the commercial flights. Instead they are value for money and help us save lot many precious hours which can be used more productively.

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How Air Charter Price is Determined

While considering hiring an air charter, we must make ourselves abreast of what all factors decide an air charter price.

Charged for the jet not individuals

The first thing to understand here is that unlike that of commercial flights, the price of a private charter is not fixed per person; instead the rates charged are for the whole aircraft.


The charter price is based on the number of flying hours to and fro.


Air charter price is calculated considering your itinerary and after calculating the number of flying hours to complete the desired itinerary.

Airport Landing Fee

The charter price also includes the Airport Landing Fee which is calculated based on the weight of the aircraft and the airport/airfield it is operating to.


Most of the private air charters have one or two pilots and an optional flight attendant. The crew's halt charge, determined by the duration of halt at a certain base, is also included in the charter price.


The tax is applicable as per the prevailing tax structure laid down by the government.

So, the charter price is completely dependent on the type of aircraft, its availability, landing charges and other fares. Besides, hiring a charter may not cost as much per head as presumed. Foresee Aviation offers very reasonable air charter prices to its distinguished clientele. Whether for business or leisure travel, Foresee Aviation offers the best price for all types of aircraft. Talk to our representative today and find out which aircraft ideally meeting your requirement.


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