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Medical Evacuation

Medical Evacuation

Life is unpredictable and at times takes us by complete surprise. No matter how careful we are in our day to day life, accidents do happen, natural calamities do strike, old age does bring illnesses and medical emergencies do arise.To tend to the same and lend a helpful hand to the needy at the right time, Foresee Aviation offers Emergency Medical Evacuation and Air Ambulance Services 24x7x365 at competitive rates.

One of the leading air charter solution providers in India, Foresee Aviation understands the value of timely and personalised service.

Also, we at Foresee Aviation completely understand that when it comes to saving a life, every second counts. Hence, Foresee Aviation, one of the leading medical air transport companies, we have access to medically equipped aircraft which are available within 2 hours of call.Our services are available to individuals, corporate and government entities that has a patient in need of immediate transfer to any regional or international medical destination.

From its large fleet, Foresee Aviation has a range of aircraft to offer as medical flight transport. Depending upon the specific requirement and condition of patient, one is provided an aircraft.

Foresee aviation provides expertise service which includes assessment of patients before their flight and proper care during their journey. Our flight is equipped with advanced medical technology and our team of experts ensure smooth operation and co - ordination with ground staff for easy transition of patient from aircraft to final destination. We have years of experience in arranging medical flight transport for emergencies and major disaster.

Contact us for emergency

We are on call round-the-clock to help those seeking medical assistance or those needing medical evacuation urgently. Contact us for emergency medical evacuation to anywhere in India or abroad and our expert team will provide the quickest service.

Why Us

With years of invaluable experience in arranging medical flight transport for emergencies and natural disasters, Foresee Aviation is adept at providing the best emergency medical evacuation services and air ambulance flight.

Here are a few compelling reasons to choose Foresee Aviation.

  • • We have extensively trained medical specialists to work on emergencies.
  • • Our medical personnel have years of experience in ICU and CCU Department.
  • • Our air ambulances are fitted with advanced medical equipment.
  • • We handle the logistics of the trip from beginning to end.
  • • We hold an impeccable reputation for providing finest service.
  • • Once you hire a medical transport flight from Foresee Aviation, you will have a dedicated insurance specialist who will handle the insurance coverage of the patient.

Foresee Aviation aims to provide emergency medical evacuation service within minimal time at a competitive price.

You may book a medical transport flight with Foresee Aviation at any time of the day through our simple and easy to use online platform.


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