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Aircraft Type :

  • Single Engine Turbopropeller (6 seater)
  • Twin Engine Turboropeller(6-9 seater)
  • Twin engine Business jet (6-17 Seater)
  • Helicopters(4 seater)


TIGER - Beautiful, deadly and endangered. Tiger is the largest cat and is an apex predator thus comes at the top of food chain. Since India has 70% of total population of tiger in the world thus wild life enthusiasts and tourists from all over the world visit the famous tiger reserves every year in great numbers. These reserve are away from dense populated areas thus reaching there isn't easy and especially when each day counts to site a Tiger.

We at Foresee Aviation Pvt ltd specialize in handling charters to all these tiger reserves; we understand how important each and every day is when it comes to get a glimpse of this beautifully vertical patterned wild cat, THE Tiger. We take care of each and every detail to ensure safety and seam-less operation.

Few airstrips are quite short thus only turbo propellers can land there wherein jet aircraft lands in Umaria and Birwa with up to 4-6 passengers. Before having thrilling experience of jungle,chartered flight to these un-manned airstrip is surely an experience to remember.

1. Delhi-Kanha(Birwa)-Delhi

INR 3,02,500*

2. Delhi-Bandhavgarh(Umeria)

INR 2,47,500*

3. Delhi - Ranthambore-Delhi

INR 1,51,250*

4. Delhi-Jamtara -Delhi

INR 3,02,500*

* Service tax, airport handling, luggage screening, watch hour extension, crew expenses would be charged as applicable.
* please contact us for detailed terms & condition.

To know more about us, please email on or call us on +91-9711765512 / 9910493247

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